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A common place for all Saint Patrick's Day Parade Organizations to post information about their parade, festival, and events. So  that millions of viewers can obtain current information all at one place.

  • Is the widespread dissemination of information about  Parades and Irish Festivals.

  • A market place for million of Irish customers. 

  •  To bring local and national and international Irish news.

  • To be a local leader of special causes and to help local benefits. To create an environment of local  supportive atmosphere for business  to invest on the internet for corporate, professionals, and individuals. 

  • A place for great Irish Links.

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Ed Moran Chairman, Atlanta St. Patrick's Parade, Inc. and President, Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Foundation, Inc.

A great resource for learning about the St. Patrick's activities around the country. These guys invest a lot of time and effort helping keep us all informed. A worthy project.

Pete Hand Chairman Saint Patrick's Parade Committee President Ancient Order of Hibernians Notre Dame Division #1 Montgomery County, Pa. The St. Patrick's Parade Web Site was quick and efficient on posting the information onto the web site about our parade!! The Saint Patrick's web site is full of information about all the parades nation wide for all to enjoy!!

Grand Marshal Jim O'Connor of the 2003 New York City Saint Patrick's Day Parade "The St. Patrick's Day Parade is about honoring St. Patrick and celebrating Irish heritage," said Jim O'Connor, Grand Marshal for the 2003 event." I'm honored to be celebrating my Irish heritage with thousands of New Yorkers and thousands of others around the world."

NJ Ancient Order of Hibernians

Bill Young and Jack Sullivan, the State leaders of the NJ Ancient Order of Hibernians stated, "this is the best website for one stop shopping when it comes to Irish events.  We support the site with real time information."  "This is the on-line NJ Irish Center, let's not forget Mary Rielly too, stated Young and Sullivan."


White Plains St. Patrick's Day Parade March Coordinator

Kim Boggi says, "The   web site has brought our White Plains parade a new marching band this year as well as people calling to inquiry about where to view the parade.  It's wonderful to have a website to bring attention to St Patrick's Day and to the Irish."

Thomas Dempsey, Commemorative Booklet Chairman Girardville Saint Patrick's ParadeThe site is really informative and even helps us in our planning, as we know who is having parades and on what dates.

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