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Saint Patrick's Day Parade Quiz

This quiz has 10 questions plus a bonus question. It is strongly recommended that you read the section on the life of St. Patrick before attempting this quiz. Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

Question #1 (1 point)
(True or False) St. Patrick was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland, in the year 387.

Question #2 (1 point)
(True or False) In his sixteenth year, Patrick was carried off into captivity by Irish marauders and was sold as a slave.

Question #3 (1 point)
(True or False) His parents Calphurnius and Conchessa were very poor farmers.

Question #4 (1 point)
(True or false) He was born with the name Patrick.

Question #5 (1 point)
(True or False) He was able to easily spread the word of Christainity in Ireland because of his knowlegde of the Celtic language.

Question #6 (1 point)
(True or False) It took him only one year to destroy paganism in Ireland.

Question #7 (1 point)
(True or False) Another legend of St. Patrick is that he banished all spiders from Ireland.

Question #8 (1 point)
(True or False) The greatest legend of St. Patrick is the use of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.

Question #9 (1 point)
(True or False) Patrick's writings have come to be appreciated for their simplicity and humility.

Question #10 (1 point)
(True or false) March 17 is the date of birth of St. Patrick. This is why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the seventeenth of March.

Bonus Question (1 point)
What is the meaning of these two Latin words pater civium.


If you scored:

between 9 to 10: You're a St. Patrick Nobel Prize Expert!

between 6 to 8: You're a St. Patrick Expert!

between 0 to 5: You should reread the section on the life of St. Patrick.


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